Bilingual Primary School
First day back to school is Thursday 8th September 2016
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‘The Love of Learning Through Language’ 

Our vision for the Bilingual Primary School, Brighton & Hove is to be at the leading edge of bilingual education in the UK.

We aim to immerse children in a second language to stimulate and promote dual language communication, and in doing so enrich and expand their academic, cultural and social worlds.

We will do this by:

  • offering the opportunity to all children to learn with us through an exciting programme of English and Spanish,
  • providing the very best of British education through a distinctive enquiry-based curriculum that has two fundamental dimensions- a global perspective and challenge,
  • underpinning the curriculum and all areas of school life with the principles of curiosity, collaboration, perseverance and autonomy
  • situating the teaching and learning within the National Curriculum
  • encouraging ambition and confidence in all our children

Headteacher's welcome...

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