Our vision for the Bilingual Primary School is to be the leading model for bilingual education in the UK, offering the very best of British education through a comprehensive programme of learning through English and Spanish.

Following the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework and English National Primary Curriculum, we offer the extraordinary advantage of immersing young children in another language, enriching and expanding their academic, cultural and social worlds. We will provide access to this unique learning experience to all the children of Brighton and Hove to achieve the best possible educational experience for their future prospects and personal development.

“We believe that a world class education should equip a child with the linguistic ability to traverse worlds beyond their own with the aspiration to do so.”

The key principles of our school

  • Excellence in Learning
  • Outstanding Leadership
  • Bilingual Education
  • Nurture, Care and Enjoy
  • Ethical and integral education: top priorities in our primary school
  • Making the curriculum fun; nurturing and promoting all intelligences
  • Parent & Community Participation
  • Global Relationships