• What percentage of Spanish speaking children and non-speakers of Spanish does the school have? Are they taught together?

    Speaking Spanish is not a criterion for admission. According to a survey we did in the summer of 2011, there was a balance of children from Spanish speaking families and non-speakers of Spanish (50/50 approximately) who registered an interest. We are in the process of updating this information in line with the percentage of the pupils we currently have on roll.

    Children will be taught together, only separated when working in small focus groups for language and subject reinforcement. As they continue their education in school, all children will aim to achieve the same or similar level of Spanish and English.

  • Which sports facilities will the school have?

    We offer a range of sporting activities (within school hours and/or after school) and we have equipped the school according to our needs. We aim to find a permanent site with outdoor space not only for outdoor learning, but also for participation in sports. However, in the first 2 years where we are at BACA, we will have use of an outstanding range of sports facilities.


  • Are there enough bilingual staff?

    The Headteacher is bilingual. We employ excellent, fully qualified teachers and fully bilingual teaching assistants.

  • Where does the funding for Free Schools come from? What does it cover?

    The annual revenue funding for Free Schools is based on the average funding received by maintained schools and academies in the same Local Authority using a simple and transparent formula. The funding comes directly from the Department for Education, and is intended to cover all expenditure associated with the ongoing running of the school.

  • If government changes, could funding disappear?

    Government and Department for Education officials are very committed to the establishment of Free Schools, and our project supports the strong need for additional primary school places in the Brighton and Hove area. Whilst we cannot predict or account for future changes in Government policy, the Funding Agreement we have signed with the Secretary of State for Education stipulates that seven years notice will be required by either party prior to it’s being terminated. This length of time is intended to ensure that all pupils at the school can complete their education prior to any funding being withdrawn.

  • Are you going to offer other languages in the school?

    We are planning to offer other languages but we have not set a timetable for this yet. Once the school is established, we will be reviewing and updating our curriculum in line with current practice and looking at ways in which another language could be incorporated.

  • Why was the school set up?

    The Bilingual Primary School, Brighton & Hove is brought to you by the Bilingual Primary School Project which was founded in 2010. BLPSP is made up of a group of parents, educators and teachers who are passionate about bilingualism, bi-culturalism and bi-literacy  Some of us are bilingual or have bilingual children and we see how disadvantaged children in England are, in terms of language learning. 
Our proposer group is very committed to the success of the school and aims to work closely with it into the future. Others wish for their children to have the advantage of becoming fully bilingual.

  • When you know the permanent site location, could potential parents visit it?

    If the site is safe to visit, we will aim to offer the option, otherwise we will show pictures of the development on our website.

  • Is there any transport provision for the school?

    Yes, we have a partially subsidised service consisting of two buses running along two separate routes that transport children daily, picking up and dropping off at different points around the city.

  • Where can I find out more about Free Schools?

    There are more FAQ’s related to Free schools on the Department for Education website